As a still haven for the Art Restaurant and Café we have chosen a beautiful Renaissance tenement in Wroclaw. The very first moment you place your feet over the threshold, you will be captured by the beauty of the authentic stone portals from 1520 and paintings from the 18th century.

Flemish and Italian style

The exceptional interiors of a historic tenement These carefully arranged interiors, and subtle colours stagger our Guests with the entire beauty our Hotel can offer . The main rooms have been arranged in the Flemish style whereas the Garden Room is in the style of an Italian backyard. According to the sincerest of our belief the exceptional visual cover makes an excellent scenery for tasting our dishes and desserts which are in fact a wonderful mixture of the most appreciated cuisine styles - the delicate, Renaissance Italian cuisine and the satiated, traditional Polish cuisine.

The Taste of the Old Wroclaw

We are proud of the dishes referring to the traditional cuisine of the Lower Silesia. The special delicacies bare a name The Taste of the old Wroclaw – by this solemn tribute for the history of the region people visiting Wroclaw keep on admiring its beauty, even despite the time passing by.

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Your own wine

Do you have a favourite wine, you got an exceptional bottle as a present? Take it with you and delight in its taste by our culinary delicacies. We are open to your favourite tastes. For opening your own wine we charge 20 PLN pro bottle. The offer is valid when ordering dishes from the menu card.

It is not the end yet!

The Art Restaurant and Café offer also:

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